Technological knowledge, flexibility in problem solving, ability to always find the most effective solution for customers.  These are the reasons why Milling Machines is always the best partner for investing in the modern industrial equipment of Your company.

Experienced employees have more than 15 years of practice of machining technologies, service of machines and automatization for specific needs of automotive industry.

Milling Machines have been established to find technology potential of machines for milling, turning, EDM and robotics, which were missing on the Czech and Slovak markets and offer these technologies in more economical solutions than competitors.

Milling Machines gathered direct trade representation for leading Korean and Taiwanese companies. These are technology innovating companies with tens of years of experience. These brands are well established on markets of United States, Australia, Russian and Asia.

 For these activities of ours we have prepared all necessary background for technical and technological support, training, service and spare parts. Availability of these services enables to offer exclusive support competitive to European manufacturers.

We do believe, that our wide offer of machines, services and exclusive support for our customers will set up  successful and long-lasting cooperation with our customers.

We are looking forward to supporting You with our services.

Your Milling Machines team.